Monday, January 24, 2011

Quick Projects

Happy Monday everyone! i hope all of you are having a wonderful day! Its actually a pretty nice day here in Texas, so i decided to go out and do a little errands to enjoy the nice "Cali" weather that i miss so much. Today i just made a little picture frame but no picture so my cricut pretty much did all the work. But i will soon get a picture and add a little then show you my finished product.

So here is the picture frame i got it from the Stand and Salute cart! and of course once i get my printer up and running i am going to put a picture of MY HERO =] . and then possibly add a little here and there 
I have also been working on a latch hook project. If you havent heard of it before pretty much you put on little strants of yarn through each hole to form a carpet. Yes it is very easy but very time consuming. just what i need to keep busy. So this is what i have done so far from last night. Ill post the finished product once i am done even though the picture is kind of clear already.

well i hope i can get more projects going! i just ordered a cuttle bug and i cant wait to experiment with it!
Have a great day all!



  1. Don't you just love the Stand and Salute Cart? You did a wonderful job on the frame. I haven't done a latch hook project in years...I'm loving yours!

  2. thanks karelj Yes the cart is great! i need to experiment with it more cause there are a lot of different things for each picture. ya i love latch hook but i have done 3 this is my 4th and i havent finished one so thats my goal. they come out so nice!

  3. I love that cart too! I have given you an award on my blog, please stop by and get it!


  4. Alexandra, I am awarding you with the My Blog Has Attitude blog award. Check out my blog later tonight for the post and to copy the award for your own blog.

  5. very nice frame - the cut is perfect! and loving the latchhook - looking forward to see it all done!