Sunday, January 23, 2011

WOW! welcome!

Wow i am so excited to have 20 followers in my first day! Thank you so much everyone for following! i am going to start to try and post more cards so i can get feedback and show everyone my work! im just trying to get everything together and unpack all my stuff. Unpacking is horrible and not so fun when your the only one doing it =( but thanks again everyone and if you left me your blog i went and made sure i followed you as well =]

Just to let you all know also if when you leave me comments i try and leave something responding to your post just because i think if you receive love from people you should give it back! =] so if you would like to just see what i wrote back please feel free to go back and look under your comment =] thanks again! and i cant wait to get more love from everyone!

have a great day all!



  1. Welcome to the blog world Alexandra, I started me blog to help me craft on a regular basis too I think knowing someone else may be looking is great inspiration to try different things! I am now a follower. My blog if you're interested:

  2. thanks for the welcome =] i will for sure look into your blog and become a follower =]